Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry was my hero…I wanted to play guitar like him and wanted to write songs like him even though I knew nothing I could come up with would ever come close to his originality, crisp, perfectly crafted lyrics and without knowing I even found myself a great piano player in Daryl Hall just like Chuck found Johnnie Johnson…it wasn’t planned but it happened. Every rock and roller in the world owes a debt to Chuck Berry. His songs will never die…”Hail Hail Rock and Roll.”

I’d like to offer a free download of my version of ” Let It Rock ” from my Mississippi Mile album…

Download Now

(Once file opens, right-click on it and choose “Save as” and that will allow you to download the mp3)


  1. Very gracious of you to share this with your fans!

  2. John, you have just said what I was thinking when I heard this sad news – EVERY rock & roller owes him a debt…without him, when would it ever have started – thank you Chuck and RIP.

  3. Thank you John for this beautiful version. I love all your music, I take it wherever I go. Thanks for the beauty.

  4. Thanks so much !! Great stuff … and the free download is so appreciated !!
    Chuck Berry rocks !!


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