John Oates Leaves The Album Format In The Dust While Blazing Down His Good Road To Follow

John Oates Launches Yearlong Musical Journey with Good Road To Follow


John Oates Launches Yearlong Musical Journey with Good Road To Follow

Hot Chelle Rae collaboration “High Maintenance” kicks-off series 


April 30, 2013, Nashville, TN… John Oates is taking fans on a cross-genre journey with his latest project, Good Road To Follow. Unrestricted by musical barriers, Oates has collaborated with some of the world’s brightest music makers, ranging from acclaimed songwriter/producer/rocker Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, to pop band Hot Chelle Rae, to country music icon Vince Gill.

Oates will release a single-a-month from the PS Records / Elektra Records project.  Fans can subscribe to the series receiving a new download and exclusive content every four weeks, purchase limited edition clothing and merchandise inspired by the songs, and individual tracks. The lead single”High Maintenance,” an exciting rave-up of sound featuring rising pop superstars Hot Chelle Rae, will be released in June.

A future single, “Stand Strong,” has been released as a sneak peak in conjunction with ESPN featuring the song in the live broadcast of the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Oates approached Good Road To Follow with the same unique creativity that has been the hallmark of his 4- decade career. “It’s an interesting project,” he explains. “Almost every song is done with a different producer and a different co-writer, so I get to step into the worlds of other people. Some people I’ve worked with in the past, some people I’ve never met. I reached out to the songwriters, musicians and producers that I respect and asked them if they would work with me on one individual song. It was a pure collaboration from writing to recording. My idea was to share an intense creative experience and not get bogged down in a long drawn out album project.”

“This project is about getting people to capture the moment, capture their attention and getting them to respond to it,” says Oates, who has enjoyed purchasing singles since his youth. “I’d go to a record store and buy a 45, so it’s cool,” he remembers, adding that the music consumption trend has come full circle. “It seems that the album, as a medium, is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to an album’s worth of music, but the digital world has given people the freedom to download and create their own personal playlists.”

A Songwriters Hall of Fame member, Oates, wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on Good Road To Follow. Among the in-demand producers and/or songwriters who contributed to the effort are Tedder, Gill, Hot Chelle Rae, Kevin Griffin (Better Than Ezra), Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift), Tommy Simms (Eric Clapton), Teddy Morgan (Kevin Costner), Pat Alger, Craig Wiseman and Jim Lauderdale.  These remarkable collaborative experiences, combined with not having to think about the album as a cohesive collection, gave Oates the freedom to explore his wide range of influences. The project delves into rootsy blues, Philly Soul, experimental Americana, and contemporary pop/rock and country.

With the innovative release schedule, there is no limit to the number of musical collaborations that could follow. “Who knows, this could be a recording project that never ends,” Oates muses. “I’m having more fun now than I’ve ever had in my career.”

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One Track Mind: John Oates, “Stand Strong” from Good Road To Follow

Top music journalist Nick DeRiso raves about John Oates’ new single “Stand Strong”  on the site Something Else Reviews.  Here is an excerpt of the piece:

“This track, though, is something else — something created not of memory, or (as with Oates’ bluesy takes on old Hall and Oates tracks like “You Make My Dreams”) in reaction to the legacy of rock-inflected soul gems he’d go on to create with Hall. This is Oates, well, feeling his oats. Sounding like a snarling country rocker, like nothing you might have guessed, working with a new collaborative voice in Teddy Morgan (best known these days for his contributions to the soundtrack for the “Hatfields and McCoys” miniseries), and probably shocking the hell out of his oldest, deepest fans.

This is the sound of someone forging new bonds, trying out new things — taking risks at a point when many of his vintage are content to settle into the oldies circuit’s virtual rocking chair.

At the same time, “Stand Strong” reconnects, if you listen closely enough, to those mustachioed moments of platinum-selling fame in the 1980s — with a cadence straight out of “Billie Jean,” which Michael Jackson in turn once said was inspired by a charttopper Oates co-wrote with Hall, “I Can’t Go For That.”

Even as he travels as far afield as he ever has since committing to a tandem solo career, Oates remains grounded in his past. It’s turning into a fascinating journey.”

Read the full review here.

“Stand Strong” is available on iTunes.

Micheal Swart of Swart Amplifiers visits with John Oates

Michael Swart & John Oates

Michael Swart & John Oates

Michael got a chance to catch the Hall & Oates tour in Durham, NC for a spirited show and great visit with John, always fun to talk to. Michael rapped about the AST Mk II and the latest. Seems John has a lot going on with new material coming out in collaboration with a host of compelling artists.

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One on one with John Oates

One on one with John Oates

After more than 40 years, is it finally cool to like Hall and Oates?

by Jake Cline,

When Daryl Hall and John Oates begin a two-night stand at Hard Rock Live this Friday, they’ll experience something Oates believes eluded the R&B-loving pop duo at the height of their now-43-year-old career: respect.


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John Oates Celebrates Country Radio Seminar with Sheryl Crow and Warner Music Nashville

Warner Music Nashville artist Sheryl Crow shared an intimate evening with the Country Radio Seminar (CRS) attendees at the Tuesday Night Country Club “Sheryl Crow and Friends” presented by Warner Music Nashville. Crow welcomed friends John Oates,  Brad Paisley, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Charlie Worsham and Brett Eldredge to join her during the concert. Warner Music Nashville and guests celebrated with Crow after an evening of performances for the sold-out crowd at aVenue Nashville.

Pictured (L-R): Scooter Weintraub (W Management), Charlie Worsham, John Esposito (President & CEO, WMN), Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Sheryl Crow, Peter Strickland (EVP/GM, WMN), Brad Paisley, Scott Hendricks (SVP A&R, WMN), John Oates, Brett Eldredge, Chris Stacey (SVP Promotion, WMN)

Pictured (L-R): Scooter Weintraub (W Management), Charlie Worsham, John Esposito (President & CEO, WMN), Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Sheryl Crow, Peter Strickland (EVP/GM, WMN), Brad Paisley, Scott Hendricks (SVP A&R, WMN), John Oates, Brett Eldredge, Chris Stacey (SVP Promotion, WMN)

“The best album we ever made” : John Oates has never abandoned Hall & Oates classic Luncheonette

by Something Else! Reviews

Longtime Hall and Oates fans will find a treasured favorite, buried inside John Oates’ blues-focused solo sets these days: “Las Vegas Turnaround” from 1973′s Abandoned Luncheonette. In fact, Oates often returns to that project.


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In the studio with Hot Chelle Rae


In Blackbird Studios with Hot Chelle Rae cutting “You Make My Dreams Come True.” Kick ass version! Wait til you hear it … so much fun… love being asked to be part of it.

End of an era!


The Heart Of The Song: A Q&A with John Oates

By Chris Rutledge (

This month John Oates helps select the winner of American Songwriter’s first Coffeehouse Tour. We talked with Oates about his current work with up-and-coming artists, working in Nashville, and the challenges of building an audience while on tour.

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