The iconic songwriter on the making of his new album, Good Road to Follow

Posted in MusicWorld on March 25, 2014 by Ellen Mallernee Barnes

John Oates enters the coffee shop beneath his Nashville high-rise condo with a stack of posters tucked in the crook of an arm. One of these posters already hangs behind the cash register, advertising an upcoming solo show. What’s the 64-year-old legend doing toting around his own gig posters, distributing them to journalists and baristas? He’s doing exactly what he loves, the same thing he’s done for more than 40 years—whether it be on his own or with the longstanding Hall & Oates: He’s making music, and then he’s making sure it gets heard. On March 18 he releases Good Road to Follow: Route 1, Route 2, Route 3, a set of three EPs that sees him collaborating with everyone from Vince Gill to OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. The record is eclectic to say the least—mostly because it was never supposed to be a record at all but rather a series of digital singles. Perhaps the most notable thing about Oates’s Good Road to Follow is how happy he sounds throughout it. “I’m a very fortunate person because I have this incredible foundation of Hall & Oates that supports my crazy musical adventures,” explains Oates. “So it’s not like I have to do this. I want to do it.” Here, the BMI Icon talks about adapting his music for today, his marketing approach and some surprising collaborations.

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