John Oates’ New Single “Close”

John Oates’ New Single “Close”

Psychedelic Americana co-written with Jim Lauderdale

October 8, 2013, Nashville, TN… John Oates teamed with Grammy Award winning Americana artist, Jim Lauderdale, for “Close,” the fifth single from his cross-genre journey, Good Road To Follow. The song, which Oates describes as “psychedelic Americana,” will be released on October 15. Co-produced by Oates and Tim Lauer, the recording features a variety of instruments from banjo to Oates’ Vinnie Bell Coral Sitar.

“One of my favorite songwriters is Jim Lauderdale,” Oates remarks. “Somehow when we get together we always seem to write something that’s completely unique and interesting. It doesn’t sound like his style or mine but always an original blend of influences.”

The two were originally working on a different song that was road-blocking them when Lauderdale changed gears with a simple yet classic guitar riff and started singing the word “close.” What happened next “just seemed to appear out of the creative ether,” Oates recalls. They worked through the night to nail down the majority of the song, which Oates later revisited to fine-tune the verse melody.

When producing the song, Oates and Lauer wanted to capture the hypnotic 70s vibe, while still keeping it close to the wheelhouse of Americana. Recorded at Dogwood Studios in Nashville, TN, the track features a cast of Nashville’s finest including Fred Eltringham on drums, Steve Mackey on bass, Teddy Morgan on banjo, Jim Hoke on flute, Lauer contributing keys, and Oates playing both sitar and guitar as well as singing all the vocal parts. If you listen closely you’ll even hear a “Tennessee rainstorm that we recorded through the studio screen door,” Oates muses.

“Close” is bound to turn a couple heads, it seems Lauderdale and Oates created a new genre and its well worth exploring. Chalk it up to another Good Road To Follow.

About Good Road To Follow

Unrestricted by musical barriers, Oates has collaborated with some of the world’s brightest music makers, ranging from acclaimed songwriter/producer/rocker Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, to pop band Hot Chelle Rae, and country icon Vince Gill.

Oates will release a single-a-month from the PS Records / Elektra Records project. Fans can subscribe to the series receiving a new download and exclusive content every four weeks, purchase limited edition clothing and merchandise inspired by the songs, and individual tracks.

These remarkable collaborative experiences, combined with not having to think about the album as a cohesive collection, give Oates the freedom to explore his wide range of influences, and there’s no limit to the number of songs that could follow. “Who knows, this could be a recording project that never ends,” Oates muses. “I’m having more fun now than I’ve ever had in my career.”

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